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Exceptional phone service. Unparalleled support.

Reliable and customizable to keep your business running. Always.

Digital Fax

HIPAA compliant and convenient fax solution.

Phone System

Enterprise phone system with a mountain of features.

Answering Service

Cost effective and flexable digital answering service.

SMS/MMS Messaging

Messaging that follows you on every device.

Trusted by leading national brands.

"Working with the PrimeVox team has been an awesome experience! They are focused on providing excellent customer service and their cloud-based software is powerful, easy to use and tailored to your business needs. They are friendly, knowledgeable and always quick to respond. I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone needing VoIP services."

Casey Christian | Keaton Interiors

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What sets Primevox apart?

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Patented AI Technology
Our patented call redundancy technology dynamically coordinates calls across our multiple data centers and seamlessly intervenes during carrier outages in real-time, ensuring you're always connected.
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