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A Phone System for all types of businesses. 

Packed with features and functionality, our Hosted VoIP Business Phone System gives your business all the tools it needs to succeed!

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We've got the tough stuff covered.

Fully Managed

Let our experts handle phone system management, maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Secure and Encrypted

Primevox prioritizes security in today's business environment with robust encryption, ensuring your voice and data transmissions stay private and protected.

Customized Solutions

We think every business is unique, that’s why we customize your phone system so you have access to all the features you need to succeed.

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Talk on the go.

Stay in touch, anytime, anywhere with our mobile and desktop softphone apps – calls and texts on the move!

Keep customers happy.

Guide your customers effortlessly with multi-level phone menus, call queues, and call schedules for the perfect connect every time.

Access reports easily.

Stay in the know with our user-friendly admin portal so you can generate queue stats, call reports, and extension insights at your fingertips.

Seamlessly collaborate with SMS/MMS messaging.

Easily connect with your customers and team by leveraging SMS (text) and MMS (picture) messaging. Keep everyone in the loop with messages seamlessly synced across all your devices.

Working from Home

All the features you could ever need.

* Indicates an additional charge for this service.

Stay compliant with our Digital Fax Solution!

Experience unparalleled convenience and compliance with simple, secure, and HIPAA-Compliant faxing, featuring Fax-to-Email, a user-friendly phonebook, digital confirmations, and cover pages – all with a provided BAA for ease.

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