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Digital Answering Service

Empower your business with a cost effective, customizable solution to deliver critical information quickly, ensuring your customers, clients, or patients receive the support they need when it matters most.

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1 Urgent Message

1 Urgent Message


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How it works.

Call Center Headset

Directed to answerCare.

Your business is issued a phone number that is directed to answerCare. After your business closes, callers are forwarded to this phone number.

Connected to an agent.

The caller will then reach a customized menu. Depending on the option the caller chooses, they will be connected either to voicemail or an on-call employee.

Get notified.

If the on-call employee can't answer, or the caller reaches a voicemail, your team will be notified instantly that an urgent message is awaiting a call back.

Some of answerCare's awesome features.

Customized notifications

Customize the type (SMS/Email/Phone Call) and frequency of notifications your team receives.

Back up agents

Set a back up on-call employee if the first fails to return a call within an allotted time.

Call from your number

Return calls through answerCare using your business phone number.

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