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Customer Referral Program
Terms and Conditions

Program Activation Date: 11/3/2023

Last Updated: 11/3/2023

Welcome to the Primevox Communications’ Customer Referral Program! These Terms and Conditions are here to help us all understand the rules and guidelines that make our program run smoothly. We're excited to have you on board, and by participating in the program, you're telling us you're on board with these rules and terms. We might make some minor tweaks or even decide to wrap up the program at our discretion, but we'll always keep you updated on any rule changes on our website. So, if you stick with us and keep participating, it means you're still in agreement with all the terms.


We offer two (2) versions of this program, a reoccurring option and a lump sum option. Depending on the program you choose, your terms may differ slightly. Once you select an option, you are committed to that option for twelve (12) months. If you change your selection, any previously referred customers will not apply to your new selection.


1. Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in this program you must be either a legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States and at least eighteen (18) years of age, or a business actively operating in the United States. Although, Primevox does have the right in its sole discretion to determine eligibility.


2. Qualified Referral

A customer referral is considered qualified if the individual or business has (1) never been a Primevox customer or is not currently a Primevox customer; (2) is not already registered as a lead or contact in Primevox's records; and (3) signs up for Primevox’s services while this Program is still active.


If you choose the lump sum option, the individual or business must also maintain an active Primevox account, in good standing, for at least ninety (90) days after the activation of their account and agrees to a minimum one (1) year service agreement.


3. Prohibited Referrals

Unfortunately, you cannot refer yourself, your own business, your employer, or any direct subsidiaries. Primevox has the right to verify whether you were an employee of the customer referral at the time of the referral. You also cannot refer customers who have already been Primevox customers within the past twenty-four (24) months, or potential Primevox customers who have been previously submitted to Primevox by another party or obtained directly by Primevox.


4. Referral Submissions

To receive your reward for a qualified customer referral, you must submit the referral via Primevox’s online customer referral form located on our Customer Referral Program webpage. All submissions become the sole and exclusive property of Primevox immediately and will only be returned at our digression. You acknowledge and agree that Primevox may inform any customer referral, qualified or not, that we received their contact information from you.


5. Reward

With the lump sum option, for each qualified customer referral Primevox will reward you fifty dollars ($50) USD for each user of Primevox’s Standard Business Voice Plan subscribed to by the individual or business. There is a maximum reward for each qualified customer referral of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).


With the reoccurring option, for each qualified customer referral Primevox will reward you twenty percent (20%) commission for each user of Primevox’s Standard Business Voice Plan subscribed to by the individual or business. There is no maximum reward with this option but there is a sales requirement of one (1) qualified customer referral per twelve (12) months. If you do not meet this sales requirement, your reoccurring commission will end. But don’t worry, the next time you send a qualified customer referral to Primevox, we’ll re-start your reoccurring commission on any past and current qualified customer referrals. We will not retroactively pay any commissions between your past commissions ending and the re-starting of your reoccurring commissions.


6. Reward Payment

With the lump sum option, you will receive your reward via cash (ACH) or account credit ninety (90) days after the activation of the qualified customer referral’s account.


With the reoccurring option, you will receive your reward via cash (ACH) or account credit thirty (30) days after the activation of the qualified customer referral’s account. Rewards will be paid only on collected funds and as long as the qualified customer referral remains a Primevox customer.


To ensure you receive your reward and that Primevox comply with tax laws, you’re required to complete a direct deposit authorization form and a W-9 tax form. If you do not claim a qualified customer referral within ninety (90) days of the customer’s account becoming active, you’ll forfeit the reward.


7. Taxation

The value of your reward may be considered ordinary income in the eyes of the government meaning you are responsible for all taxes related to the reward and its payment. Furthermore, you are solely accountable for any additional expenses and costs incurred in connection with your participation in this program.


8. Personal Information

Your personal information collected in connection with this program will be used in accordance with Primevox’s Privacy Policy.


9. Indemnification and Hold Harmless

Primevox is not responsible for late, lost, incomplete, delayed, inaccurate, or garbled entries, whether due to technical issues, human error, or any other reason. Incomplete or corrupted entries will not be accepted, and proof of entry does not guarantee receipt. Primevox may reject entries that violate the rules or laws, and is not responsible for errors, delays, or problems related to this program, including tracking referrals and customers, verification, or rewards. Anyone found tampering with the program or not following the rules, as determined by Primevox, will be disqualified, and their rewards will be void. Primevox are not responsible for any computer-related damage resulting from participation in this program or use of our website.


Both Primevox and you will defend and protect each other, along with their officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates, from third-party claims, liability, suits, legal actions, and costs related to their operations, marketing, breaches of this program, or violation of applicable laws. The party seeking indemnification must notify the other party and cooperate. The indemnifying party controls the defense and negotiation of claims and damages but can't settle without the other party's consent. The indemnified party can't hire separate counsel unless there's a clear conflict of interest. The indemnifying party covers legal fees unless there's a conflict. The indemnified party can engage its counsel at its cost and participate in the defense and negotiation of claims and damages.


10. Governing Law

All legal disputes related to this program shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any judicial action or proceeding relating to this Program shall only be brought in the state or federal courts of Texas.

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