Small Business

The Problem

Keaton Interiors had an on-premise PBX based on open-source software, FreePBX. FreePBX is great software, but utterly difficult to manage for a small business.

They came to us with a tight budget due to already over-spending on their telecom expenses.

Additionally, Keaton Interiors was experiencing a mess of dropped calls, low-quality and static-filled phone calls, and poor customer service from their existing provider.

Keaton Interiors

Dallas, TX
  • Handsets 24 (Yealink)
  • Internet 50M Fiber
  • Sites 1

Case Study Profile

Our Solution

We were able to solve their problems, and cut their telecom costs down pretty quickly. Being able to use their existing hardware prevented another investment in handsets, and porting in 10 days or less allowed them to get back to work more effectively. Additionally, our cloud-based software is much easier to use than FreePBX.

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