The Problem

Partnership with Native Americans ("PWNA" for the remainder of this study) came to us with a hybrid-PBX style Shoretel system. Every site had its own Shoretel PBX linked together by expensive internet connections and MPLS circuits.

Basic phone services were incredibly expensive, as PWNA had to pay for multiple T1s and PRIs for various offices.

Additionally, PWNA had an office in Manila, Philippines that they needed to keep connected with the rest of their system, while still keeping costs down.


Addison, TX
  • Handsets 90 (Grandstream)
  • Internet 100M Fiber
  • Sites 5+

Case Study Profile

Our Solution

Using all-new Grandstream hardware, we were able to deliver a far better cross-site VoIP experience. With PrimeVOX, a centralized telecom provider, PWNA was able to save tons of money and get the features and support they've needed for a long time. In addition, we were able to service inbound DID in the Philippines.

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