The Problem

Super 8 Arlington came to us with an ancient analog PBX (specifically, the Mitel SX-50 which is common in most Super 8s)

Basic phone services were expensive from the local carrier, and the phone system lacked features and customizability.

Additionally, the front desk console was failing, and too expensive to replace.

Super 8 Arlington

Arlington, TX
  • Handsets 60+ (Analog)
  • Internet 100M Coaxial
  • Sites 1+

Case Study Profile

Our Solution

After ripping the Mitel SX-50 off the wall, we placed some 48-port and 16-port ATA boxes to convert each hotel room line into a VoIP line. Then, we supplied them with a fully digital Front Desk Console. The new console had extension panels that show the status of every hotel room.

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