The Problem

Bernie Moreno Companies ("BMC" for the remainder of this study) came to us with a decentralized on-premise Allworx phone system linked together by expensive MPLS circuits.

They wanted to be able to have a unified phone system that would be location-agnostic, with mobile apps and eFaxing.

Additionally, BMC was spending an unnecessarily large amount of money on their POTS lines and MPLS circuits.


North Olmstead, OH
  • Handsets 550+ (Yealink)
  • Internet 100M Fiber
  • Sites 12+

Case Study Profile

Our Solution

Using all-new Yealink hardware, we were able to deliver a continuous cross-site VoIP experience. With PrimeVOX, a centralized telecom provider, BMC was able to save plenty of money and get the features and support they've needed for a long time. In addition, we were able to solve some of the strange CallerID problems they were experiencing.

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