About Us

Our team is made up of software engineers and visionaries aiming to improve the way businesses and individuals communicate through the Internet. We accomplish this by developing exceptional software running on exceptional hardware resulting in a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system.

PrimeVOX was started back in 2015 by a few students from the University of Texas at Dallas (See the Article). Everything began in a "garage" with a few cheap development servers and lots of coffee. Soon, we began to form fantastic partnerships and gain wonderful customers, which helped us on our path to becoming a carrier.

Besides providing awesome VoIP telecommunications technologies, a lot goes on behind the scenes!

We're constantly finding and maintaining partnerships with top-notch companies. Through these partnerships, we continue expanding our network coverage to offer exceptional call quality, solid faxing services, and 99.999%+ uptime.

To enhance the world by delivering high quality Unified Communications services, connecting people and businesses together by utilizing disruptive technologies, reliable communications frameworks, and plenty of coffee.

Our answer to cloud-based Unified Communications is simple: provide an entirely specialized, custom-tailored solution that allows the customer to operate its business and people as effectively and efficiently as possible. All the while, we still maintain an easy-to-use, yet highly versatile, communications system.